Did you people ever realize this before?

Like you're crushing over someone that you probably might not get a chance with and you realize that that someone that's been there for you all this time was the one you were looking for? By the way, I've never experienced this I'm just asking this question. So did you people ever realize this before?


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  • Yup. Happened a lot of times. And some of the girls I didn't have an eye for are pretty cute nowadays and Im like "DAMN! I had a crush on the wrong one!" lol..

    • Lol and thanks for answering

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  • Janice!!! Please if you are on gag this question applies to you!
    I am such a fool! Please I want to date you now you are perfect!

    • Aw so sweet <3

    • Haha thanks
      I really need to find her and tell her how amazing she is
      I also want to give her a bouquet

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  • Never happened to me.

    • Oh but thanks for answering :)