How to get money in 2 weeks?

How can i get I want to visit my girlfriend and I don't have much money.

I've got about 2weeks and 2 days that's the date I want to visit her.

Please help


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  • When I went on My First trip to Egypt here, dear, I Quickly put a game plan together. My husband to be then Invited me to stay at the family house with him and his lovely family no money out of pocket, if I could Please... Buy my own ticket and just come.
    I Applied a Johnson and Johnson place where I could make Not the Best from the Rest money but it was something that Helped me get my ticket and in No Time... I was boarding that plane for Europe and Egypt for 30 days.
    I do not know if you are seeing her near to you or that you have to hop a plane like me. But the 'Best' thing to do is find a job perhaps even under the table or put an application in Now where you can get hired On the spot.
    Good luck and enjoy your trip. xx

    • If you are in the USA, go on Craig's list if possible. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence, and Happy bon voyage hopefully:)) xxoo

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  • You could sell plasma, ask friends and family or put an ad up for something you're good at and try to make a little money on the side or do you have anything you can sell online?

    • I meant ask friends/family if they have anything you can do for them on the side for extra money*

  • Well I would say get a job , but you might not rhetorical your paycheck in time. I have an app called mercari and you can sell anything on there.

  • Fuck ugly old ladies.


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  • I got 300 kilos of cocain , you got a good empty basement?

  • Can you sell something you have?
    Can you do something at home and sell? Like food or other thing?

    • Maybe cut grass or do something on neygbours garden?

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    • But you can talk to them. Anyway, i like your spirit, but just be cautious if you are alone.

    • thanks I'm actually little scared of everything, I can defend myself, more I'm scared if I'll even find where to enter for airplane I've already traveled by airplane, but never alone hehe.

      I'll do my best to get some money.