Delivered/seen messages on facebook? Please help?

I sent a message to a guy to thank him for another lovely date, it just stayed as 'delivered' and just now (5 days ago) the message has come up as 'seen' and the time has the date I actually sent the message. Wouldn't it have just came up as seen when I sent it? Or has he only just opened the message now? It's so strange, we were getting on so well and we were actually speaking for weeks non-stop.


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  • he doesn't care you


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  • he saw it later.. after 5 days i think

    • Oh okay :) yeah he's probably not just seen it. Obviously I might be a little too late to say 'you're welcome' I just hope he's alright.

      It wouldn't be bad if I message him later asking how he is would it?

    • *only just seen it

    • well i would say you should wait for him to text you again.. :)

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