What should I study?

What should I study? I want to start my own non-profit.

The minors (XXX Studies) are topics I love and would like to learn about, so please avoid using the word "useless" like the Plague. Also, as a friendly suggestion: Do do not comment about Gender Studies if you're anti-feminist. I think this is enough. Thank you.

  • Major: Business & History
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  • Major: Business & History Minor: LGBT Studies/African American Studies
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  • Major: Business Minor: History & Gender Studies
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  • Major: Business & History Minor: Sociology
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  • The minors you picked don't relate back to what you want to do later in life, you'd be better off with something that will compliment a business major.

    So Majoring in Business and Minoring in Finance or Economics... will be way better for you down the road.

    Feel free to take the Gender Studies other options as elective but it's sort of a waste of a minor in your case.

    • Those are my passions. They're for personal reasons, not career. Except Sociology.

    • That's what I'm saying, if you like those classes then just take a couple as electives but there's really no need to declare it a minor. I've taken a couple of African American Studies classes because the history is fascinating to me but that doesn't mean I'm interested in minoring in it.

      All up to you though :)

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  • Very few jobs actually demand someone has a particular degree. And even those that do, such as medicine, make it possible to study other subjects and then switch into future training later on, if that’s what you decide.

    Choose a subject that you are genuinely going to enjoy and do well at. Then, while you’re studying, do some work experience each year anything from leading a student society to helping out with a charity project or a corporate internship. Employers look for graduates who have taken the initiative to develop their skills.


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  • Business and history minor however and psychology instead of sociology... I would say to simply try psychology 100 or 101 depending to see if you like the course:) Psychology is more interesting to me personally

  • B and C sound interesting to me.

  • A duel major and a minor may be a bit much, just stick to the majors.


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