I ignor cute guys?

so i have a tendency to "ignor" attractive guys.. A part of me thinks "they won't find me attractive anyway" so by not giving them any attention i dont "lose" anything.

I might give them a few glances if i know they can't see me doing it, but i'll never or very rarely show that im interested by eyecontact and smiling. to them.

I have hold eyecontact and smiled to cute guys before, but that happens maybe 5 times a year... And it only happens when i feel absolutly amazing.

I know i feel better if i make an effort with my looks, but a lot of times i just dont have time or dont bother, so i rarely feel really good about myself in that aspect.

Anyway, how to stop doing this? im pretty sure i have shown disinterest in guys, cute guys, that find me attractive.


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  • how to stop? make an attempt at getting a boyfriend with a guy you are attracted too.

    • but how do i "make an attempt"... most cute guys i see are at the gym, and they are busy working out 99% of the time.. and there are way more attractive and skinnier girls then me there, so i wouldn't imagine msot guys would want them and not me..

    • you know a lot of people tend to think that everyone else besides them has this "the grass is greener on the other side" mentality. but realistically, if you are generally attractive and go up to one of those guys and talk to them, it is DEFINITELY POSSIBLE for them to like you! doesn't matter if there is a more attractive looking girl. if that were the case then all the fucking tens in the world would be the ones in a loving committed relationship while everyone else average and below are fucked. quite the contrary girl.

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