Why do men try and make women jealous?

Okay so there's this man I have been sleeping with for a while now and we have been on and off. We are just friends with benefits. We stopped talking for a while because of something that happened anyway we made up. He said he doesn't want me to sleep with anyone else. And I've noticed he keeps trying to make me jealous. And keeps asking me questions like will I ever love again. He keeps saying things like do I care about things and would it bother me if he got with other girls. He stays with me all night and we cuddle all night. He is always first to text. He said do I ever bother with men and if someone like someone they would talk to them and want to see them. It bothers him so much if I get with other men. He also fixed something in my house for me today. And he pretends he doesn't remeber things I tell him but slips up. And he remembers the first time he ever met me which was 3 years ago he remebers every outfit he saw me out in and something I said to him which I didn't even remeber. He remebera who I went out with and everything. Does he have some feelings or is he a player?


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  • Well, he wants to be the centred of attention, he wants to play mind games and he's probably just an idiot


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