Do you think my boyfriend knows I love him even when I'm moodier on my period?

When I am on my period I tend to over react to some things people may say to me.
That has happened a lot this week.
I tell my boyfriend how much I love him and appreciate him all the time.
But for two days on my period, I'm not the nicest girl in the world haha.
Do you think he still knows I love him even though I may over react sometimes?
We have never yelled at each other or gotten in a big fight ever in our relationship.
I just feel horrible being rude to him for no reason! Periods aren't an excuse but it just hurts a lot.


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  • If he has known you a while - He will know what you are like


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  • He should understand, but you could always ask him to be sure.
    (not during the two days of course)

  • Guys are aware and are less worried at that time of tge month


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