9/11 terrorist or bush?

just wondering how many people think it was the government because i feel very confidently that it was terrorist becasue i have spoken with people who saw it and it seems far fetch that the governement did it but who knows maybe im wrong *sarcasim

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  • it was terrorism.


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  • Needless to say there's many strange things about that event. Somehow many seem to think that only 2 buildings fell that day.

    It's also strange that 7 of the alleged hijackers were found alive in their home countries a few weeks later.

    That molten steel were found when jet fuel doesn't have the capability to reach temperatures needed for that.

    And the list goes on... this doesn't prove who did or didn't do it. But it does prove that it's not as simple as many make it out to be.


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  • I would not say "Bush did it", but there is more than just a terrorist attack. Planes did crash, but there are many other coincidences with the collapse.