Not sure if I heard the news right. Age ban on soda? What?

Teens can't buy sodas anymore? What?

Google directed me to my own question! D: *squeeeeeeeaaaaaaaal*.
e_e not sure why I got excited either. Don't judge.


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  • Well it is pretty damn unhealthy, and a large chunk of Western population is obese, so that makes sense. Kind of.


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  • That ought to be controversial.

    If their aim is to reduce childhood/teenage obesity, they're going about it the wrong way. Get rid of high fructose corn syrup, not soft drinks.

    • I don't think that will happen in our lifetime. There's not enough concrete evidence now that HFCS is dangerous enough to our health that will warrant a ban. It's too useful (lucrative?) for companies to use it instead of sugar. I don't know. I still think the problem is in the individuals, but that's a different story for a different day. I just think it's ridiculous that they're still on the soda ban.

    • It's pervasive and of little use nutritionally.

      If we compare rates of obesity in countries that use it to those that don't, there is a correlation.

    • Well I don't doubt that but there's also the fact that we treat obesity differently than other countries too, along with a variety of other factors that contribute to the problem. I don't deny that there's a correlation between rates of obesity and consumption over processed foods containing hfcs, but there's little research stating that hfcs is directly responsible for obesity in a population. In fact I think I've read that sucrose and fructose, consumed as they are now among individuals, don't have a significant difference when processed metabolically. So it's prob not just hfcs, it's just added sugars in general that we need to avoid.
      It's so widely used because it's cheaper to produce and makes food taste better so it sells more. Anything for a profit.
      Interestingly enough there's been some talk that hfcs might affect receptors in the brain that trigger feelings of hunger more than glucose or sucrose. I don't know how that particular stretch of research went though.

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  • Um look that up for yourself and never take anyone's word for it

    • Look it up for me. I just heard it in passing on the news. This actually doesn't bother me, I just find it absolutely ridiculous and hilarious that they're still on the soda ban track.

  • I think it will be just on Monster drinks i could be wrong

    • Nope, some Satan Island assemblyman, probably just pushing his own obscure political agenda, wants to ban large sugary drinks to minors. But it's just talk, so nothing to be concerned about.

    • Yeah it's crazy hahaah

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  • what?

    Probably makes some kids go loopy

  • what? where? when? how did this happen?

    • NYC. Who else does things like this? :|

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    • Nah, it's just some Staten Island assemblyman trying to push a ban of large sugary drinks for minors. It's not even real, just talk. False alarm. LOL.

    • Ahh okay haha!