Advice for a shy girl about a shy guy?

Okay, so in my History class, there's a really shy guy. From the first day I thought he was really cute and it was adorable how quiet he was.
Im getting an appointment to get glasses so I'm not sure but I've seen him glancing my way couple of times, and one time I was writing in my notes for a while, then when I looked up he snatched his head from my direction to the board scratching his neck.
So a couple of days ago me and my friend were walking around in school and I saw him standing alone at lunch time. I hoped he was waiting for someone, but if he wasn't I felt the urge to talk to him. (But I didn't)
So i guess my question is how can I approach him? I'm a really shy girl myself But I really feel bad if he's alone. I want to be friends with him. What can I do? How can I approach and talk to him without seeming really awkward.


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  • say hi to him trust me he won't think you're weird he will appreciate it

    • Really? I really hope so :) I'm just a bit confused, some say I should show him that I'm shy so that he'll feel more comfortable, and others say I need to talk to him and invite him over for a lunch table and such...

    • honestly I think it would be better if you approach him by yourself and tell him you're shy it would help the both of you

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  • let him know that you're shy too, it will make him feel more comfortable.

    • How?
      I just don't want him to be alone and I'm too terrified to talk..

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  • If you see him alone at lunch ask him if he needs a table to sit at and if he would like to sit with you. Then if he's waiting for a friend let him know that anytime he needs a place to eat at he can sit with you.

    99.9% chance he will like that

    • Oh my gosh I'm just too nervous to do such a thing... I think I'm even socially awkward,,, I'll embarrass myself.
      I just really don't want him alone if he is..

    • Your not socially awkward, consider yourself an introvert.

    • Yeah I AM and introvert... And it's hard, I want to be nice, I want to be friends with him and others but I'm too shy...

  • Haha, throw pebbles at him to get his attention. That's what I used to do to girls. Until I accidentally through a big pebble cough... Rock

  • being shy myself I dont think I could date a girl who was shy. That does not mean I don't find shy girls attractive I just think the mechanics of having a basic conversion would just be too difficult.

    • I understand.
      But not thinking of dating right now, I just want to how I could approach him because I want to be friends with him. He seems to be a great guy, (if know I have him in a club too)
      I guess my question is what would you have someone do if they wanted to talk to you, that you're shy, and you'd be comfortable with?

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  • if he's your classmate and you saw him alone at lunch time, I guess it's not awkward to just say hi and ask if he wants to have lunch together. nothing's wrong with being friendly anyway

    • Yeah I know thanks... I'm just a really awkward, socially, person so I don't know what to do, and what if he thinks I'm being creepy or weird?

    • Actually I am a shy person too. But I think maybe because you're interested in him, that makes you afraid that he will think negative of you. Maybe just think of it like saying hello to a friend. And I think you should take a chance on it, otherwise you will wondering what would happen if you talk to him and then you will regret it. Trust me, a feeling of regret because you didn't take a chance is much worse than being rejected.

    • Thank you so much! I'll try:)