Is it bad if you are an introvert?

I was talking to my friends and we got into somehow a conversation and then they all looked at me and said" your the only person around the group is an introvert" and they looked at me in a weird way. now they dont talk to me a lot.


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  • I used to think that there's something wrong with me. But not anymore. There's nothing wrong/bad/shameful etc. From my experience, extroverts fit with introverts perfectly! If they understand introversion.

  • Nothing wrong with it, i'm like this too. We're not the majority though but a 30%. Still don't know how they were "friends" since they don't talk to you because of this.

    • They gave me the fake smile in the beginning of the semester i im a new student in college

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    • Same thing. Trust me, it got better for me after the army and having my first work in a hotel. Still pretty quiet but i've improved a lot, way less awkward. I bet to your close friends you never stop talking (in a good way) same here. Go out more, meet people, work. You're not the only one and you're not weird. I even had a problem being in a crowded place, improved that too. IF you want to change go against your fears or whatever holds you back. Becoming more charismatic is gonna take a few years.

    • Thanks i will try my best

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