To save your SO's or family member's life, which one would you do?

A. Smoke crack, oxycotin and PCP for a year straight everyday. Or...

B. Let someone throw hot fish (400 degrees) grease on your naked body



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  • I'd go with B. While I may have the physical burns and stuff which would hurt like a bitch for quite some time, at least my mind will still be sane. Not to mention modern medicine is good at covering up damage well. Smoking crack, oxycotin and PCP is going to...
    1.) Get me addicted to it and destroy the rest of my life. It wouldn't just be a year. Then it'd be expensive or whatever to to feed the addiction. My social connections would be screwed up. I could get sent to jail.
    2.) Screw up my brain and destroy the rest of my life. I wouldn't be able to think straight after all that. Plus that is going to kill some brain cells. Not cool.
    3.) Possibly kill me and therefore destroy the rest of my life. Overdosing just takes one time.


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  • Jesus.
    Probably hot grease since smoking everyday would probably kill you if you suddenly just jump into it.

  • I'd go with A. Less painful.
    This would have been a better question if you asked who would you save.

    • Any family member, SO means bf/husband.

  • why would that save anyone?

    • If someone had your family or SO tied up and there was no way to save them but to do one of the following things I've mentioned.

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  • I wouldn't harm my health for a girl that can always be replaced. It's rude to say but true.

    • LOL okay, what about a family member?