Does this sound like a good birthday for my girlfriend? It's in a few days and I want to know if it's a good idea?

First early in the morning before she gets up I will make her favorite breakfast dippy eggs and bacon with orange juice. Then after that we will go to the zoo for a while because she likes animals. Then around noon I would have a suprize birthday party planed at her house with all her friends and family. Then I will give her gifts like a gardening set, and a kitchen set, she likes that stuff. She told me she never had a birthday party so she should like this. Then late in the afternoon I would take her to her favorite nice restaurant for a date. Does this sound like a good birthday?

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  • You have My Vote of Confidence here, dear, and might I Add... She is a lucky Birthday girl who has you as a Keeper.
    Good luck and party down.:)) xx

    • Thank you. I feel like i am the lucky one to be with her.

    • A Match made in Heaven with Both... Partys.:)) xxoo

    • Thank you.

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