Are German men, living in Germany difficult?

I am just curious since I just arrived in Germany. I think they are a bit unresponsive and shy and also a bit cold. It Im not true pls correct me.

  • No German men are not difficult.
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  • They are just jerks
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  • They are shy
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  • Any germans I know are very straightforward - No BS

    • Thanks for MHG

    • Welcome :) Everything in my mind got settled with the word "Straightforward". Thanks in turn for the opinion.

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    • You need to accept the way they speak bye "Tschussssss" sounds sweet :P a least.

  • People in Germany generally speaking are so. Trust me.

    • Like you cannot understand them.. they are coded in a different way totally!!

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    • You don't need to agree on anything. You just made things look like a one way street.
      As for the whole selfies thing, even a quick search on google will enlighten you. I have holes in my current shoes and wait to get paid so I can buy new ones (which again will be cheap) and those so called refugees walk in Air Jordans here.

    • But there was no need to bring "Syria" in and then defending.

  • In North-Europe/Central-Europe it's just not usual talking to strangers. That's why when you talk to a stranger they'll look at you weird and maybe even walk away, even though most want to get rid of the awkwardness and continue the conversation.

    • I'll keep in my mind the words after "even though most..." and carry forward the conversation.

  • the youngsters aren't really shy, but the older ones are. but once they know you, they will open up. almost whole west Europe is like that

    • "Older" includes what age?
      I still feel the non-German west Europeans are pretty cool. I have been to Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland. They are warmer and responsive but yes not more compared to latinos, African and Americans obviously.

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    • I believe so. They went through a disastrous phase and their parents train them to be of that nature... They are very careful in speaking and behaving.
      One more good thing about Netherlands is, people speak English :D

    • yes😂 we do speak English luckily

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  • i really don't know..

  • Are they supposed to be fawning all over you are you surprised that they are just indifferent and immune to your charms?

    • They are not indifferent but yes they are so so careful in being responsive or being open. You feel like either they are shy or egoistic. Yes they do fawn. They are not different than other male species but a bit differently programmed in being social. So I wanted an opinion from Germans here :)

    • Jjust dont mention the war

    • I heard they dont like it because they are used to listen to WAR from their childhood... their parents and teachers infuse them with the philosophy that IT WAS WORST.

  • I've heard the Germans are racist... So yes?

    • No they are really not racist not all of them but there may be minor hints of it in eastern Germany and Bavaria regions. But they are not racist in general :)