Mixed handedness but with good memory?

I use my right hand to write. I can draw with both hands. i can use the brush both hands but preferably right, i use keys to open doors with my left. Hold a knife with my left.

If i pick my stuffs, i pick it with my left and switch it to my right to use it, switch it to my left to put it down. My dominant eye is left. Dominant ear is left. But dominant foot is right

I get, can read for only one hour and a half or so maximum. But, i have a strong memory..

I can remember the details that happened. Until now. I can remember what my sister said to me when i was 6. I can recognize faces easily. And can notice changes on people but not on surrounding. For example , i can notice people easy. How they dress. Walk. Talk. Looks. Features. But, i didn't notice when my dad changed the lamp.

Is it normal? Is it mixed handedness? If so, why do i have a great memory when people say people like me aren't supposed to?

by the way , proof that my memory is good, is not based on because i think it is. Like , i remember , when i was little , i was crying in my sister's dormetery and hiding under the bed. Everyone forgotten it as i was 6 that time and my sister was 16 . no one believed, until a picture of me in the situation was found in one of family album (my family like to snap funny pictures or pictures like that as a memory) Not just that, there are much more evidence , but I'm too lazy to type in.


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  • Interesting, I also can write with either hand, though I never practiced with my left. I can throw with either hand as well and am left eye dominant but do most things with my right hand. I also have a very good memory. I rarely read a book or watch a film twice because I remember it too well to enjoy it again. I don't have any special childhood or personal memories, my memory is more for facts and stories, things which fit into the web of what I already know.

    • I can remember book endings to what i read years ago, movies years ago, songs years ago. N even childhood memories.

      There was this old song by linkin park. And my sister played it for me and claimed that i loved that song, and she played it for me. The awkward moment when i could sing the lyrics when the last time i heard it was years ago, like when i was 6 .

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  • I'm ambidextrous as well (can use both hands), and have a good memory. Both my mother and grandmother also are like this. Anyone else in your family like this? I thought it might be genetic for some. They are not rare qualities but not super common either. Be proud of what you can do! :)

    • No, they can't really remember well. I had to fake not remembering too detail on stuffs. because they hated it. They thought it was my imagination, and no one else could do it. Somewhat cuesed or scary.

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    • Thank you so much ! And it was nice to know it too. :)

    • No problem! :)

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  • It's called being ambidextrous, not "mixed-handedness"

    • Ohh i thought ambidextrous is the ability to prefer both hands in all activity

  • You a have autosomondominince just means you have no preferred hand and a photo graphic memory very impressive

    • Autosomondominance? Can you rell me the details please? Thank you

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  • Ambidexterity is not particularly common, but it is also not uncommon.

    They memory thing is more abnormal than the ambidexterity.

    • So its called ambidexterity?

      Yeah, its hard having good memory, i can't seem to forget what people did , said to me. I hav this moment when i remembered having my first hit and run accident when i was 8 . two drunk guys were riding a motorbike when they hit me and ran. I have the scars until now. And i can still remember the details of me meeting the doctor, throwing his glasses across the room as it was too painful and stuffs.

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