Girls, when you're out with other girls, what are your favourite discussion subjects? Same question for guys?

When you're out with people from the same gender - in a bar or to a party, a sports event, a day on the beach... what do you typically talk about?

Some cliches are that guys will typically talk about politics, sports or their job and girls... about their guys I guess haha.
But I don't like to guess... tell me GAG'ers :D


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  • With my friends I usually talk about how difficult it is finding a job here, how we want a certain pair of shoes and we won't get them because we don't have a job xD, how we wish we could go back and make some changes and then this is where it all begins:
    - time travel
    - taxidermy on humans
    - alternative universes
    - terrible customer service (okay, this one is out of place)
    - Harry Potter world (obviously)
    - the 'would you rather' game
    - cocktails
    - cute guys that walk by
    - why some of us that are free should or shouldn't approach the cute guy that walked by
    - makeup
    - weird things people do and say (the analytical portion of our evening)
    - gossip (I admit it, sometimes we gossip)

    • Hahaha that last subject we would never have believed Sally :D
      Girls do REALLY gossip? Nooooo!
      That's an interesting list of subjects there... I guess you girls never stop chatting?

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    • This very extensive answer could only be the most helpful :D

    • Haha Thank you. =)

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  • Mostly we talk about what is going on in the other person's life, studies, mutual friends, family, plans... Current events sometimes.

    • Interesting introduction into girls' talk, thanks :D
      Oh and I think you were recently promoted to ubermod? Or I've been blind haha 8)

    • @Asker

      He he I've been a ubermod for quite a while now :)
      You just didn't notice :P

    • Yeah I may need new glasses 8) 8)

  • Usually I get dragged to go shopping. So first they ask me advice on clothes in the shops, and I wait while they try it on. They might talk about their boyfriend or husbands. We talk about lotions or perfume, make up sometimes. One talks about her son (understandable) and not much else. Sometimes we talk about movies, ones we just saw or upcoming.

  • I talk about my vacations, what I ate with family members, who we are dating or want to date, how people treat us, who we admire and respect, what courses we are taking, who we like, what we are happy about and what we are not happy about.

  • My friends usually talk about what happened in the past weeks. We just catch up on things/different topics.

    Then, we talk about events, something we find cute, recall memory, make jokes , compliment, discuss something we read , discuss future plans, etc.

    With sister, talk about her boyfriend, she recalls memories of him, etc.

    So many random things.

    We never run out.

  • Guys..

    • Haha the gossip I don't believe Betwyn... I just don't 8)
      Except if it's... about the guys? :o :o

    • nah like filling each other in on other friends, former classmates, ex's, family members..

    • Aha that's okay :D

  • When I'm with my girlfriends, we usually talk about about... movies, songs, guys, sex, fashion, they talk about their boyfriends/crush.
    When I'm with guys, I tend to show my ''intellectual'' side... sometimes we talk about religion, the society, but also casual things like sports, sex (it always manages to make itself into our conversations), TV stuff, music :D

    • Haha totally difficult subjects for both occasions - that's why I asked this question :D

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  • For me, it's more important HOW I can talk with people than WHAT we talk about. I really love discussing topics in detail and great length. I love having very deep and long conversations about few topics. I think this is partially a cultural, partially a gender-related and partially a personal thing. This is why I actively look for friends who are like me in this. When people are very different in this aspect, I can't enjoy the conversation. One example would be some female friends my girlfriend used to have. They are all from Turkey and came to Switzerland (where I live with my girlfriend) to do their Master's or PhD. Despite them being very intelligent girls, I struggled extremely to find an enjoyable conversation rhythm with them. They usually jumped from one topic to the next in a heartbeat. For example one of them would say "... so and my grandma told me... oh, by the way! Did you hear what happened to XY?" Other person "Yeah! I know! It's crazy. I hope XY is gonna be okay. Reminds me of that thing I read in the newspaper the other day" First person "Ah yeah, I know, I read it too... so what movies do you wanna watch next?" I usually got completely lost in these talks and after 20 minutes or so, it started getting on my nerves that we couldn't actually discuss anything. They just mentioned everything in 1-2 sentences with maybe 1-2 replies and then jumped to the next topic. I really hate that ;-). The other thing that I found very difficult to bear - and that's clearly a cultural thing - is that they were joking around all the time. Not in a silly way... just in a "let's try to keep things light-hearted" sort of way. I know this is cultural because my girlfriend who is Korean also tends to be like that sometimes. I study linguistics and so I know and understand these cultural differences in communication but it's also funny to realize that I was taught by my professors that such cultural differences in communication can lead to problems, uncomfortable feelings and misunderstandings between speakers and while I thought I could prevent these things from happening since I'm a linguist myself, it happened to me anyways ;-). It's interesting to learn how "stuck" we are in our mentality and culture. Being from western Europe, I like to have serious conversations. I think this the case everywhere in western Europe and North America but as far as I know, it's particularly strong in the German speaking countries (Switzerland, Austria, Germany). We're not so

    • much into making random jokes in order to keep things light-hearted. More the opposite is true: we like to have serious and thoughtful conversations. While joking is considered something positive in Turkish or Korean communication, it's considered/experienced negative in Switzerland because it makes us feel like you can't have a "real" (serious) talk with the other person.

      Now, as for the topics... when I'm with my guy friends we do talk a lot about politics and our jobs/studies. So I guess the clichée is true to some extend ;-). But we also talk about many other things. It also depends a bit what guy friend I'm with. With my best guy friend I also talk a lot about philosophy, religion, society, travelling, other countries/cultures, movies and music. Of course we also talk about sex and love but not so much as we used to. And, contrary to many other guys, we can also share our feelings very well and comfort each other and that's something I find really cool.

  • With my last group of friends it was impossible to start a serious conversation, they were always talking about comics, video game, movies and checking out girls on the streets... I obviously left that group cause it was boring.
    With the group of friends I have in Spain we talk about everything, we can really get interesting conversations, which is pretty fun.

    • That second option sounds better indeed... checking out girls on the street sounds a little delicate, if they hear the opinion by accident something may happen :o

    • It definitely is much better. We do still check out some girls with the other group, but it's jut a comment and then keep on moving, we don't just talk about that all day. Plus, I think it's kinda creepy to always be checking them out but never approach.

    • Haha yeah for sure! It's like assessing the quality of meat at an auction :o

  • When I hang out with my guy friends, we usually talk about anything like sports, sex, relationship and also brags about stuff.

    When I hang out with my lady friends, we mostly talk about what's going on with our lives, hows it been, did you see this and that, movies and so forth