How or what position do u sleep with your spouse (not sex)?

How or position do u sleep with your spouse and I mean sleep not sex? Girls do u lay your head on his chest while he has his arms around, do u sleep your back to him with his arm around u etc?


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  • We usually go to sleep either spooning wrapped in his strong arms or him on his back me snuggled up to him with my arms around him, head on his chest, legs all tangled together. There are nights we just don't seem to get close enough!!

    • That's nice to hear a like a girl with her head on my chest with my arm around her under the covers.

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  • Personally, I have troubles falling asleep on my back. While I love to cuddle this way, I need to lie on my side in order to fall asleep. However, the problem with spooning is that I don't know where to put my lower arm. I usually end up resting my head on it but that again keeps me from falling asleep because my arm starts to hurt a lot after 20-30 min (it takes me rather long to fall asleep). I've also tried to squeeze my lower arm into the small space between my chest and my girlfriend's back but that's not exactly comfortable either. I'm quite sad about this because I really love spooning, both for sex and for sleeping and it just doesn't work. I really wonder how other guys can fall asleep like this. For some time I've tried to lie on my side and face my girlfriend while she is also lying on her side facing me. However, this position is difficult because we breath at each other and that also keeps me from falling asleep and thus makes me get annoyed after a while. Plus my girlfriend sometimes snores and if she's directly facing me, I wake up because of it (or can't fall asleep if I'm still awake).
    It's really frustrating... whatever sweet position I/we try, it doesn't work for some reason. So now we've just gotten into a routine of falling asleep in a position that is comfortable to both of us. I usually lie on my side, turning my back towards my girlfriend and my girlfriend either lies on her back or also on her side, turning her back towards me. It might seem like a very cold/distant way of falling asleep as a couple but we're actually very sweet with each other during the day. Since I generally have some problems with my sleep, I had to make the decision that my sleep is more important than sweet gestures. Especially since we've been together for a long time. In the beginning, when we were together for just a year or so, we would cuddle every night. While it was okay for my girlfriend, I usually got very little sleep and felt weak in the morning (of course I wouldn't tell her about it ;-)). Back then that was more or less okay because I attended very few classes at Uni to spend more time with my girlfriend. But now that we've been together for almost 5 years, I can't do that anymore. I have quite a lot of work to do during the day and I can't just skip my sleep by lying in some sweet but extremely uncomfortable position during the night.