Facebook drama, should I reply to her or not?

My ex and I still talk, since the breakup this year he's tried getting back with me despite his disposable girlfriends. But then today I get a message saying she's his" girlfriend" (Which I already knew but whatever) and that there's no drama she'd just like to talk to me and clarify somethings. I'm upset with.. my ex for giving her his password, what type of shit is that? Then again my ex is 23 and the girl is roughly 18. I have nothing to say to her tbh, I feel like I'll end up cursing her tf out. I am disgusted. What she fails to realize is that he's going to be him and she can't change that. I'm so annoyed. Now I'm apprehensive about replying to his messages in my inbox because we discuss personal things sometimes.


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  • Just move on! I don't know why people keep their ex's in their life. He's clearly still immature and helping to create drama if he gave her his password. I wouldn't reply and I'd delete my ex from my life while I'm at it.


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  • To be honest, I feel like you owe his girlfriend a discussion, but after that I think you should back off. Don't keep in touch with your ex, especially if he keeps hinting that he wants to get back together with you. That's a messy situation and one that you don't want to deal with.