Facing a life dilemma; should I, or should I not, get a take out?

Oh the nightmarish decisions we have to face in our modern world... O_o

  • Yes, get pizza.
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  • Yes, get Chinese.
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  • Yes, get Indian.
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  • Yes, get a Burger.
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  • Yes, get fish and chips.
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  • I don't care what the hell you eat.
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  • No. It is a waste of money, fatty.
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I went a little against the grain and opted for Chinese... It is really yummy :) Probably going to get fish and chips on Sunday, though...


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  • This is a serious dilemma... i will explain what you will need to do in steps.
    1) Calm down you are gonna need to think straight so get your heart rate down to about 160.
    2) Your insulin should be coursing through your body so make sure you are able to enjoy the fact that you will have to wait 20 minutes for pizza delivery since you cannot fit into your mini van
    3) Realize you live 20 miles from the city and are in the middle of nowhere.
    4) Enjoy your final moments as a creepy figure is starring through you window..

    Now that made you scarred and also increased you heart rate and you burned enough calories looking quickly at your window to feel safe. Now that all those calories have been burned you may now enjoy some nice refreshing pizza. Tee-hee :)


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  • The last option was funny just wanted to see the results. Still laughing while writing.



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