Has any of you ever mistaken a guy/girl for the opposite gender?

And I don't mean just thinking they're the opposite sex but really saying something about it by mistake. If so, what happened?

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I figured I'd let you all know about my mistake. I was 17 and I had just joined the military. It was after 10pm so all guys were supposed to be in their sleeping quarters. I looked at this girl and said "Excuse me, it's past 10pm you should be on the other side at this time. No guys should be on our side anymore." She looked at me and said; "I'm a girl!" and I was like OMG I'm so sorry. (Mind you her head was shaved and she was flat chested. Plus we weren't allowed to wear makeup.)


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  • Yes. And I'm sure I've seen real;live transsexuals as well.


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  • Yes.
    MANY... MANY times.

    "Is... he a she?"
    *look at chest...
    "Okay... it's.. flat... sorta... but... not... oooooh"
    *look at hips
    "Uhh... it... oh I don't know"
    *listen to voice
    "Okay... h.. s... shit"
    *oh fuck his/her name is Sam... FUUUUCCCK

    Too many times.

  • Yes, she was 5'10, built like a line backer and had a buzcut. She also dressed like a guy. She had a feminine voice tho, so I thought she was a gay guy.

  • At a gym:
    A woman who looked like a man walks into womans bathroom
    Me: Um, sir that's the ladies restroom
    Her in her feminine voice: I know
    Me: Okay. (How embarrassing... someone kill me.)

    • That made me laugh, did she say anything back. Your face must of been a picture :)

    • Nah she didn't say anything after that. I just kept an awkward smile trying to keep myself inconspicuous.

  • Yes., i saw this girl on TV and said while that dude would make a cute girl
    and here she was really a girl LOL

  • Yep first dating working at a feed store (for animals) was getting order ready in the back behind a few thing and I herd a voice I could've swear was I guy I said I'll be out in a second to help you sir when I got out there was the hottest 18 year old yiu have ever seen my blood drained from face and I said how can I help you

  • Yeah, worked with someone for two years, and to this day, I STILL don't know if he/she was a girl or boy. He/she had a gender neutral name, wore their hair short, and did the jean/t-shirt style, so I just have no clue.

    I just made sure to refer to him/her by name at all times to everyone I spoke to, just so I wouldn't have to use a gendered pronoun.

  • Yeah, it has happened once! Thankfully, I never actually mentioned it to the person, but to someone else, only to find that I was woman about the gender!

    P. S. It was a girl, and she looked like a guy due to really shirt hair and no visible breasts (she had on a thick jacket). Turns out she was androgynous!

    • *short hair

    • *I was wrong about the gender.

      Pardon my typos, I hate typing on my smartphone!

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  • Once when I was asked to take a survey, they assumed that I was male. They were surprised and embarrassed when I corrected them, but I didn't feel offended and could have cared less.

    Also, on the rare occasion that I visit Omegle, people are often confused on whether I am male or female.

    I've been told that I have an androgynous, yet attractive appearance.

  • Yes, I have. Thankfully I never said it to their face.

  • I have mistaken several people for another gender, but never to their face. It mostly happens with androgynous-looking guys. Most women who look masculine dress quite feminine, at least in my experience. I guess that's because women wear both masculine and feminine clothes, but guys wear only masculine clothes. So if a guy looks female but wears guy's clothing, I'll assume he's a woman who likes to wear masculine clothes.

  • No, I've never done that