How would it be if men were getting pregnant if the baby turns out to be a boy and women if the baby turns out to be a girl?

I know that this is biologically impossible, but let's say. 😂


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  • I can imagine a few things happening...
    1.) Cults. Cults everywhere. All the men make breeding grounds to create leagues of men ready for battle. The women create breeding grounds of women to dominate all the men. Mass hysteria. Dogs falling in love with cats. Everyone dies.

    2.) GAG turns more sexist than ever before. Guys make a petition to change it to guys ask girls to show superiority. Feminists, masculinists, everywhere. Mass hysteria. Everyone dies.

    3.) It's 2028. Beer bellies from guys are now confused for pregnancy. Everyone is confused. Everyone is too scared to call some pregnant because they may be just fat. Mass hysteria. Political correctness everywhere. Everyone dies.

    What would happen?
    Everyone dies.


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  • Guys would probably stop caring about having boys and girls would be the ones to carry on the last name >_>


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  • Actually my little cousin thought that that's how it works a few years ago xD Lol. She was convinced mom gave birth to her and dad gave birth to her brother. It was so funny hahah

    • I had a classmate who thought this when he was young and this is how I got this idea. 😂