Does anyone else have trouble controlling their thoughts?

Some times I get these fucked up vizualizations in my head, and I don't want to picture them but my mind has a mind of its own. I even vizualize these disgusting scenarios that make me cringe but I get anxiety that I'll get aroused by it and because I think about not doing it so much, I feel a "fuzz" in the part behind the scrote and this makes me think I'm going to grow up a fucked up person and I don't know what to think

  • i can relate, it's normal
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  • I used to have them too, but dont take my word too highly thats its normal. I did a lot of ecstacy and shit started getting really fucked up in my brain. Luckily im over it, but i still gets theses visualizations :)

    • I've done a lot of molly too, so thats probably why

    • Its a pretty common thing with MDMA use, I guess all the joy we had taking that shit came with a price after all haha :D

    • haha true that. ecstasy robs the positive emotions from the days/week after taking it and adds it to your present positivity and condenses it into about 6 hours. so, taking a lot probably robbed the happiness of a couple of months for us lol

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  • One thing a person should NOT feel guilty about, is one's thoughts. In this modern world where literally EVERYTHING is shared and can be publicized,

    the safe haven that someone should have ultimate freedom with worry about forced publication,

    should be our own thoughts.


    Think WHATEVER you want, just control your actions, and keep the most controversial thoughts to yourself.

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