Why did I fell in love with him like I did?

I use to talk to him years ago I never felt anything towards him because I had a boyfriend this past may my boyfriend dump me. Me and the guy I fell for talk again and somehow I felt in love with him even thou it was a big mistake. He broke my heart like my ex did and I feel so stupid for falling in love with him. I'm so confuse why I love him I didn't remember him until he talked to me, its not about his looks he decent looking but not a model or anything. But I do know I felt safe talking to him like I can trust him. I'm the type who doesn't trust people so easliy and it takes a lot of me to trust someone. For him to earn my trust like that mind boggles me. I just want to know what could be the reasons why I fell in love with this guy.


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  • You love him because you can trust him