Your most vived dream?

I've had dreams ware I could feel things, like if I stubbed my toe it would actually hert ( I wouldn't be hert when I woke up) and I am in complete control of my actions (most of the time) and it all seems so real.
this one time I had a dream I was talking to my brother and I didn't realize my conversation with him was a dream till I started talking about it to him the next day, he found it really funny and teased me about it.

So I have really vived dreams how vived are your dreams?

One of my worst nightmares...
I remember I was watching what seemed to be a movie. The main character apperd to be me, I was walking around for a bit and then I stopped... Just standing there and then a big black hand started coming up behind me and I started screaming for me to turn around or run but I just watched myself stand there, I didn't know why I felt so scared it was just a movie... Right?
Then I felt something grab me...

I woke up after that... It seemed so real.


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  • I work within Defence, in an OD outfit and so most of my dreams and sub conscious activity has to do with conflict and battle. The one that always sticks with me and is most frequent is the one where there is my partner and my brother and they are both being held captive and I get to them and I can feel the weight of the gun, I don't need to check to know there is only one round in the chamber and I have to make a call, who do I save... that dreams hurts me, I have tried anything and everything to save them both but it never works out that way so now I shoot myself and wake up and thats all there is to it. But yes, I feel the pain, I feel the shot, I feel the emotions, I feel everything

    • That's really sad, I'm sorry you have to go through that

    • Thats alright, thank you :) I guess its the price I pay for the job I do and I've come to... not accept but put up with it

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  • I've had one yeah, it was a good one, relevant at the time, I woke up shocked in a pool of sweat it was so real.

  • Does knowing that you must die to escape the dream counts? Because I got those dreams when I was a kid, and I could clearly think in a nightmare and I always knew that in order to wake up, I have to kill myself. And it always sucked, because I would always get that strange feeling like very strong fear, I don't know how to explain it. :D

    • I hate nightmares like that...
      The're so scary!👻

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