Having a bit of a career panic, tips?

Ok so for a while i've been having a little panic about my career. Basically i'm 22 and i had no idea where i want to end up. I'm currently working in the IT industry and although i like what i do (i've hardly had to 'work' a day since i started) my gut tells me i'm meant to be doing something else.

During my final year at university i noticed how much i like helping people, i was an unoffical therapist to a couple of friends. I found out that not only am i rather good at listening/empathy etc. I also really liked talking to people and helping them through their problems.

I seriously considered becoming a therapist for a couple of months to a point where i was researcdhing what kind of qualifications i would need (my degree is in Artificial Intelligence with Robotics not Psychology). I've also really developed a connection to music. During my tough time at uni it became my escape from the world, and the idea of a job in the music industry in some form is quite appealing to

My problem in my parents are avid believers in STEM and that anything else that isn't STEM isn't worth doing (STEM for people who don't know stands for Science, Technology, Engieering and Mathmatics). Anyway is it strange to be in the situation i'm currently in. I don't want to be in a IT job for years but secretly wish i was doing something else


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  • If you wanna be truly happy, become whatever you wanna become. A therapist sounds like an appropriate selection for you, you've already done it... I personally suck at solving people's problems. But if you're successful at it and you feel content with doing so - then you're all set with what you wanna do.



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