Which album to choose?

I'm playing a game where I'm a rock star. I just started and my avatar is 13. Her parents bought her a record player and her brother is secretly giving her an album he owns (because their mother declared "all music has to be approved by her".). I have to choose an album but I have lots of options that are great. I didn't include Led Zeppelin because I don't really like it.

Which album to choose?

  • Choose "American Beauty"
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  • Choose "Blood on the Tracks"
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  • Choose "The Dark Side of the Moon"
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  • Choose "Electric Ladyland"
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  • Choose "Exile on Main Street"
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  • Choose "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols"
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  • Choose "The White Album" or "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars"
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  • I voted G, you'd combined the two I was thinking of recommending into one option...


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  • I listened to that Jimi Hendrix album and it's pretty good. My mom has it in her old music box.

  • Where is Guns and Roses?

  • What game is this? It sounds cool!

    • It's a text-based game app, Choice of the Rock Star. It's free until chapter 3, but there are 7 more and I paid to unlock them. I'm not %100 happy with my purchase, it was good but way too short.

      They also have another game called Alter Ego, which is completely free (if you're willing to wait a little) and amazing. You start as a baby and make choices until you're old l—but if you make bad choices, you can die earlier. I ate poison as a baby and got kidnapped & murdered as a child.

      Most important tip: When that man in the car claims he's looking for your friend, don't go to him. Walk away. He will kill you.

    • It sounds like a cool game!

    • It is!