Do you she think im annoying for asking to go with her?

so i just moved, three weeks ago, and the friends i have made (people i hang out with the most) either can't or dont like to go out on events and stuff.. So the first week i kept asking this girl if i could go with her to the different events that were the first week. She is not one of those people i hang out with normally..

She said "ofc" when i asked, but i just feel like im "forcing" myself on her and the other people she is with.. And there is this thing again tonight and she is going apparantly.. and you guessed i, non of my friend are going.

Do you think she thinks im annoying or something? a part of me feels like if she wanted me there she would have asked me, but another part of me really dont want to go on my own


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  • I think she is the kind who likes to attend events and doesn't mind it since she is going to one tonight, and it is a chance for you to be better friends. I bet she also knows that you have just moved and don't have many friends.

    Although I don't know what "airs" she gave you, I know how you feel, but you already have asked her, and she had the chance to refuse, but she didn't. Just go out with her so it becomes less awkward for you next time you want her to go out with you.
    Just enjoy for now. ^-^

    • I haven't asked her yet, i was planning to ask her very soon.. but i get your point :) im sure we wouldn't mind

    • Oh sorry, I thought you already asked her when you said, "She said 'ofc' when i asked." xD

    • nothing to say sorry about! lol maybe i should have been a bit more clear

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