Why do you think "Harry Potter" became so famous?

Honest opinions here, I reread Harry Potter again, and to be honest--the writing is not that difficult. So, I don't really understand, how the hell did Harry Potter became a world-wide phenomenon. Was it simply the ideas alone--or the theme of death--perhaps, the ideas of invisibility, potions, schools, and such. Whatever it was, what do you think?


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  • The way JK Rowling wrote the book would make the readers want to read it till the end. Yes, they are not complex as it is made for kids and those interested in fantasy. I agree the ideas and of course the imagination plus the emotions of thrill in battles or simple happiness from friendship or the fantasy itself that readers would feel along the way. Then, those feelings are turned into motion pictures that is even better. The characters are given roles that made them also interesting more than HP, himself.

    Lastly, the importance of climax and end for every series which is the journey to defeat the main protagonist is one of the highlights in the story and of course he won't be defeated until the last series which makes it even more captivating like watching action flicks :)


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  • Because Harry Potter was so unique and magical and oh my god JK Rowling u r a genius!

    • Please specify the term "unique."

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    • Lord of the Rings is an incredible set of books, and I haven't read many books that compare to them.

    • I read the first book of LOTD, but WOT is two times better. For one; you can actually understand what its saying. For two; there are at least 14 books in WOT--around 4000 pages. LOTD is not a set of books when compared like that--a trilogy yes. But to be frank, you get bored of LOTD really easily. Here's why: LOTD has an immense amount of description. There's a certain point in the book, where a single room is described in 2 pages. It's like reading a textbook--I recommend WOT if you're more into storytelling, because, that's what books are about. Is it not?

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  • because the book told a bunch of little nothing kids that they are special.