Why do some white people flip their hair on people?

Usually white people shake their hair or flip their hair on me. Not only that, they'll give you a dirty look.
I tried bringing up this issue before but as usual people don't understand. It's like omg!
I'm so sick of it. I see other ethnics flip their hair and IDC.. But white people actually touch you with their hair. Repetitively! I can't be the only one online who's not scared to bring this up.
FYI I don't mean all white people.


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  • Again you and this crap? C'mon, people gave you an answer yesterday, why do you and your racist stereotyped ass wanna bring this up again?
    I'm sure it's only white people who do this... goddammit -_-


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  • I was at Bob's Big Boy once and this older white lady kept looking at me and my boyfriend (we're both Hispanic). She made an unpleasant face and I made a comment like "some people have staring problems, they act like they own the place" she was starting at me non-stop in a rude way, we were sitting in close proximity and I was trying not to be rude, she around 60+ years old, but HOT DAMN she was peeving me. She did that hair flip thing to even though she had a popcorn haircut. I don't know if it was a racist thing, if she was just nuts, or if she was hating but the negativity was strong in that one. I just laughed it off.


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  • Where and when does this occur? Public transportation is one of the few I can think of.


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