Would you please tell me about yourself?

I am extremely bored, and so I want you to tell me about yourself! My name is Tricia, I'm fifteen years old, and I enjoy reading, surfing, writing, and laying out on the beach. I live on the west coast haha. Or, if you don't want to tell me about yourself, feel free to just rant about anything that you need to get off of your mind. Like I said, I'm really bored, and so... yea. ☺☺


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  • My name is Blue Coyote. I enjoy forests, grasslands and clear nights with a full moon. Most of my friends and relatives live in North America but I've emigrated to Switzerland. I enjoy the nature and the mild climate here, though I miss the vast open space of the great plains in America. I also like the fact that there are many lakes and rivers where I live now. I'm called Blue Coyote because my friends in Switzerland, the European wolves, noticed that my fur shimmers in a calm, royal blue way if the moonlight of cloudless summer nights reflected in the rivers and ponds shines on it.

    I spend my days hunting, playing and fooling around, talking to my friends and finding attractive females to reproduce with. Contrary to the wolves in Switzerland, I'm not picky at all when it comes to food. I love eating and I eat pretty much anything that looks appealing. I particularly enjoy lamb, deer, veal, fish and rabbit, but I occasionally also go for birds or lizards. I also love fruits and berries and I like some types of veggies.

    I also enjoy living in central Europe because I don't have any natural enemies here. Back in America, I always had to sleep with an open eye in case a cougar was sneaking up behind me (and by that I don't mean hot females in the middle of their lives). I'm generally quite gregarious but I also enjoy being on my own sometimes. But now I need to go to sleep... the sun has already risen here and I've been up all night...

    • Wow. How amazing. Wolves are awesome. I bet you're an omega, huh?

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    • See, I don't find alphas hot. They're so cocky and over-convinced of themselves. They walk around thinking "Ohhh I'm so cool and attractive, no wonder anyone wants to be with me". They also tend to be very macho-ish and have thus very old-fashioned and patronizing attitudes and views towards females.
      I'm not part of a pack by the way. Coyotes are usually part of a small "core-family" as they're called (2-4 adults with young ones) or they roam the forests and grasslands on their own. I'm very proud of being an omega in fact. If I may quote from the Urban Dictionary:
      "The polar opposite of the Alpha Male. Omega Males can have friends and close acquaintances but prefer to accomplish things on their own without the help of a group. Omega Males generally don't belong to any cliques and have no desire to be the leader or most outstanding of said clique. Omega Males have relations with people from all groups and carry a resourcefulness and cunning (sometimes strength) to get a job done with

    • their own skill. This being said, an omega male can have great pride without it manifesting as 'ego.'"
      This "ego" is something I find rather pathetic about alphas (especially because most alphas are just wanna-be alphas ;-)).
      And it goes on to say: "Alpha males must have the support of his "boys." This can be the foundation for many shallow and superficial relationships. An Omega Male needs support from time to time, but has few true friends who know him intimately and generally shuns shallow acquaintances."
      This is another reason why I'm proud of being an omega. I don't care about being the toughest or the strongest because I don't care about the admiration of shallow acquaintances. I personally think that's rather superficial. I'd rather have few but very close friends and use my cunningness to go through life... a character trait that my relatives, the foxes are also known for ;-).

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  • Hey Tricia! Nice name you have there 😊

    I'd rather not disclose my real name as it's very easy to search it up on Facebook and I don't wanna to attract any creeps here (also, I hate my name very much), so yeahh.. but most people call me by the name of Kayzie, or by my middle name which is Jayne. You can call me whichever you want. 😊

    I'm from Malaysia, but currently living in Australia, the west coast aka Perth. I'm a college student (smth like high school, but only for year11 and 12 students). Did I mentioned that I dislike science subjects with a passion? I'm taking Music, Arts, Ancient History and all those boring subjects most wouldn't wanna learn.

    I play the cello, piano and guitar (if you're interested in knowing lol), but ironically, I am not interested to pursue a career in the music industry. I love to read, like a lot. Oh and I'm a total foodie and an adventurer at heart. I love to bake, but I'd never eat whatever that I cook or bake, unless I'm hungry af.

    I don't even know what else to say anymore. This is pretty much everything that I'd let the public know about me. Oh yeah, did I say I suck at maths too? Guess not. But yeah, I totally suck at it. I hope your boredom is okay now? Ahah I'm pretty much a very boring person, so naturally stuffs about me come out boring as well xD

    • don't wanna**

      There's no 'to' there, sorry

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    • Fur Elise!! Are you serious? I'm listening to it right now too omg! And yup, I can, if I want to that is ahah I'm actually teaching the piano and guitar as well (:

      Ahah too bad I don't have the aussie accent in me tho :( college been going great, I'm gonna graduate in two months, so that's the plus side! Honestly, I have no idea. I'm prolly gonna pursue event management or consumer psychology. How about it? Have any clue about what to study? (:

      Ahah no wayy man it sounds totally horrible >< and people always make fun of it, so I don't really like it. But I'm all cool with my middle name, and not many people know it, so there's that. Noo! Tricia Jean sounds way better than mine anytime! πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

    • I meant to say 'how about you'**

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  • Hi, Tricia ;) My name is Alejandro, but I'd rather be called Ale. I'm from Spain, but living in Chicago, and hopefully a future American citizen. I go to college for Digital Art. I love listening to music, especially Rap and EDM, and if I could go to a party every night, I'll do it... yes, I'm a big party animal, like a good Spaniard that I am xD
    I also like going to the beach, since it's been something I've been doing since I was born, but I'd rather be in the water than laying down.

    I don't wanna say much in public, even though I don't tend to hide much, but yeah, I hope that gave you entertainment for 30 seconds xD

    • Oh, don't get me wrong, I love being in the water too! I just also really enjoy tanning. As for partying, well, I'm not much of a party gal. Then again, I'm not even sixteen yet, so I can't really party much. Unless I do it illegally. Or go to parties with no alcohol. I'm sure those aren't any fun though, right? Anyways, you seem like a super cool guy. Thank you for taking the time to tell me a little bit about yourself.

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    • I won't forget haha.

      If you really have to go to bed, then goodnight, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite. 😜

    • You better not forget hahaha

      Good night Tricia, enjoy the rest of your night, and sweet dreams :)

  • I'm Tom
    Living in Antarctica
    Cause some of my penguins ran away and come here so I'm still finding them... I'm a musician I love to sing 🎀 and I play guitar also... i love soccer... ummm I don't like to judge anyone cause whom am I to do so... and yep you look very cuteπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ

  • img.memecdn.com/pedobear-at-night_o_509426.gif
    look at this closely for 10 seconds... should sum up what I am going to say.

  • Well, it's 1:44 am, and I don't know why I'm still up, that's all I can say

    • Well go to sleep then! Reading always helps me, or maybe listen to some music really low. It's really very soothing.

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    • You're new, you'll learn quickly why it's better to go anonymous, trust me

    • I'd rather you just explained it to me. Because I really feel no reason to be anonymous.

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  • My name is Abby. I live in Virginia and I enjoy special FX makeup, smoking marijuana, and binge watching pirated movies and shows preferably with a guy I like.

  • You have the same name as my co-worker. ✌

  • I am BATMAN!

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