Why do some people think all races will eventually merge?

The common answer to this is that the recessive traits will die out and the dominant traits will become the norm.
However correct me if I'm wrong aren't those recessive traits simply a result of adaptation.
Blue eyes and white skin are caused by low melanin count and it is a feature to absorb the maximum of sunlight in cold enviroments with little to no said sunlight. So even if assuming the entire world becomes brown which is the predicted color everything we'll eventually end up back to where we started.


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  • traits don't disappear unless they adversely effect survival/reproduction. That's why men have nipples despite them serving no purpose, simply because they do nothing to adversely effect them so nature hasn't bothered to get rid of them, in the future we will still have blue eyed and green eyed people at the same ratio as we always have had since the mutation occurred. So they think it will some how homogenize is based on a poor understanding of science. Then you would have to take into consideration that even though we will be traveling and dispersed the fact is we will still be within our own regions, Africa will still be Africa and so will its people, same goes with Asia and south America and Europe. Yes there will be a number of people of mixed ethnicity, but then there always have been. The vandals (Germanic tribe) pillaged and plundered (after sacking Rome) north Africa, you will still find people with traces of that genetic line living there. Things will change a little but not nearly as much as people seem to think.


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  • Maybe, but how long will that take? I guess history does repeat itself?

    • I guess it does.

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    • Yes I know, but I'm saying someone said Caucasians in America would be a minority in a certain time period and everybody jumped to the conclusion that the entire world would share the same fate.

    • Oh all right.. Good point.

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  • Globalization mostly. It's easier and faster than ever to travel wide distances and move between cultures. People aren't stuck in little boxes anymore so it makes sense that we would all start blending and mixing together.

    • Yeah but happens after all the mixing? The northern hemisphere will still be cold and Africa will still be hot.
      Will adaptation once again take it's course to maximize the chances of survival?

    • People have a much more diverse diet and have access to supplements from a variety of sources. There really won't be a reason for their bodies to adapt since we're already adapting for them.

    • I guess that makes sense.

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