I get zits when I shave my facial hair, what to do?


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  • Try to exfoliate afterwards xx


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  • Me too I think it's normal right?

    • I don't know. But it is really annoying.

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  • I take it you're wet shaving?
    I would recommend you only use a leading brand gel for sensitive skin and razor.
    Use a hot face cloth on your face to open up the pause.
    Then apply the gel and shave with the grain of the skin.
    Start off under the Chin and neck first the the rest off face.
    After splashing hot water on Facebook and dry.
    Finally use after shave palm or moisturiser on face

    • Yes I do wet shaving. With hot water, shaving gel, etc.

      But I tend to always bleed when I shave my mustache area.

      Is that normal?

    • Sounds like you might be pressing to hard instead off let it just glide a cross the face or you're using blunt bliads.

    • Please excuse me dyslexic spelling and grammar, also not checking before I posted