What would a perfect human be like?

I know this doesn't exist because not even prodigies are perfect. No one is. Hence the old saying ''You're only human, you're bound to make mistakes''.

But if there was someone that was born a perfect human, how would she/he be like?


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  • Well, as you have said it yourself a perfect human being doesn't exist, we all have flaws, we are imperfect by nature, yes as a human we can make an effort towards perfection and we may even get close to it, say 80% or sometimes 90% but we can never be 100% perfect.

    However to answer your question my view of a perfect human being would be. Of course it will be unrealistic but this is the answer to your question:

    1. That person would be 100% efficient and capable of completing any task given to him/her.

    2. That person will never fail, will have 100% success no matter how insurmountable the task may be and hence the word failure doesn't apply to this perfect human being

    3. Related to point 2, no task is insurmountable to this person, this perfect human can achieve any task given to him/her.

    4. The person would be invincible, no matter what the situation may be physically or psychologically, nobody and nothing can defeat this person (I am not taking in superhero kind of sense but in a different way).

    5. This perfect human being will be mentally tough as well as emotional strong so no one and nothing can shake this person no matter what the situation may be, this perfect person will have 100% control over his/her mind, over her thought and also over her emotions and feelings.

    6. This perfect human being will be flawless in all aspects, as far as physical looks are concerned this person would look perfect, flawless smooth skin, hairstyle will be perfectly maintained, physique will also be flawless, perfectly toned with no fat content whatsoever.

    7. As far as personality of this perfect human is concerned, some of them I have mentioned above in addition to that this person will have high morals, values, standards for themselves, this person won't flirt with other, if this person happens to fall in love with someone him/her (depending on the gender of the perfect person) will always forever remain devoted to the other, so of course will be immune to cheating, attraction outside relationships and will be perfect in every sense of personality aspect.

    Well, I can only think of so much as far as my definition of perfect human being is concerned and I hope I have answered your question as well? Yes, this is only my view of perfect human being. Hope it was clear for you and you understood my points.

    • Sorry, a small correction #5, I meant to say, "that person will have 100% control over his/her thoughts and also over his/her emotions and feelings".

    • yes, it's a great explanation

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • Read your Bible. It is about the only perfect human that ever existed. He focused on the inside rather than the outside of his body. And EVERYONE has heard his name!

  • Jesus, right?

  • We are perfect. Adaptability is the key to survival. That requires a population with all sorts of people. No individual is perfect.


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  • Big boobs, small waist, big bum, perfect skin, big brown eyes, perfect eyebrows, defined cheek bone, long thick hair, big lips, petite frame, small feet, long legs, nice teeth, long nails, healthy glow to her skin tone, confident but considerate, caring but wouldn't let people walk over her, intelligent, manners.

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