Do You Get Annoyed When Celebrities Preach Hard Work Will Get You Success?

I do agree... by working hard, you can become successful, but that isn't always true. There are so many people out there that work hard everyday of their lives, but their dream is never realized, mainly because they haven't been able to connect with the right people to make those dreams flourish. I find it funny when celebrities (I am not talking about all celebs by the way) get on Instagram and preach about how hard they worked to get into the position they are in.

-For example, there are a few celebritiy kids (meaning their parents were/are celebrities and they grew up rich and famous) that constantly preach that they worked hard to get where they are at today. Do you honestly think these "celebrity kids" would be in the same position as their parents if they didn't have their rich/famous parents backing them up and getting connections through them?

-Also, look at Kim Kardashian... she talks about all the hard work she has done and talks about how hard work in important. Yeah, I guess making a sex tape that sky rocketed your career and put millions in your pocket was hard work. Don't get me wrong -- everything she does now (the modeling, TV show, clothing store, etc, etc) is hard work... BUT she wouldn't be in the postion she is in today without making a simple sex tape. So, did hard work pay off for her?

Why do celebrities constantly preach about how hard they worked to get to where they are at today? Don't get me wrong, there are celebs that actually started from scratch and worked their way up... but there are also many that had simple opportunities and act like that was all their hard work.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • As a person who recognizes the advantages I've had in getting to where I am in life I get annoyed by anyone who doesn't recognize the leg up they had.

    So often I meet people from wealthy families who blame people from the ghetto for not finding their way out. People who act like they'd be where they are today if they were landed in that same ghetto.

    The fact is that we are, to a large part, the people we are surrounded by. Is it impossible to get out of that situation, no. But it sure is very hard. Development is very influenced by stress so not knowing if your parents are going to make rent next month, having utilities shut off and violence in the streets rewires your brain in a negative way.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Yes, purely because we all know you need to work hard to get success - we're just not up to working hard. We also don't have personal trainers, cleaners, make up artists etc who can help with life as we "work hard" to get success so we can get millions. I think they have more of an initiative to work hard.

  • Sure sometimes...
    Most of them didn't get there solely based on hard work. There had to be strings pulled, people used and abused...
    No, it's never just the hard work that pays off.


What Guys Said 1

  • I do not watch TV or better said, TV commercials since I stream everything commercial free. But I do get a glimpse at magazines when I go to the store. Those people are successful because other people actually care if they were seen wearing rubber shoes, taking a dump, eating fast food or some other mundane activity that everyone else can do.

    So if they preach what you just said, yeah, I'd be annoyed to hear them.