First time stories?

Just wondering what your "first time stories" are, whether it be:
First Kiss,
First love,
First time drinking,
First break up,
First driving lesson,
First failed exam,
First pet
Or anything else :)


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  • First time I drank it was a mixture of Jameson and Jose Cuervo. I ended up dancing on a table, puking on a friend, and hugging/kissing random strangers because "they looked sad" all while my ex sat there trying to keep me together. Woke up with a hangover from hell and puke on my clothes. Don't drink until you're legally allowed to (I still can't).

    • Oh my God!;P thankfully I can legally drink, but I've never had a story like that!

    • Well I did and it wasn't pretty. My 17 year old self was an idiot.

    • I drank at 14 and was totes fine. It depends on who you are and if your parents ever taught you boundaries. (Which is why I think alcohol limit in Europe should be 16)

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  • First time drinking: had a shot of tequila and few bottles of beers and i felt like the coolest bitch in the neighborhood. Anyways got back to my friends place and obviously i was drunk (i was like 13 or 14) lay down on the bed and started spelling dick in my language over and over again until i fell asleep. Very embarrassing.

  • First time drinking: Accidentally drank rakja cuz I thought it was water when I was a kid but I just took a sip.
    First kiss: I was 11 and kissed my crush at the time

    • Oh gosh, while reading your comment, I started wondering how many of the people on this question are from Bulgaria lol

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