Is there any way for me to be able to study and live in one of those cities?

New York City, Baltimore, New Orleans. I'm especially interested in NYC because of its history and culture as a city of immigrants. I live 5,000 miles away from USA in a country where 1 dollar equals 2.7 local currency.

Note: Don't think I don't know how America is and start a lecture explaining how it's nothing like the movies. I probably know all you have to say about the states, the country's size, etc. Please just don't. I hate bragging but you force me into it by trying to American-splain things.


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  • Yeah you could try exchange student or something.

    • Any options where I'm not required to go back to my old country?

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    • I'm not low enough to marry for citizenship. Guess I'll have to find a job

    • I think that's ideal I don't think it will be too hard once your here for school just work really hard