No jodas in cuban spanish?

What does it mean No jodas in cuban Spanish and when can you use it?


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  • It's translation is " No Joke " , not joking , or don't mess with me. Dominican Republic and Columbia as well as Puerto Rico it is more like " Don't Fu@k with me. Hope this helps you decide the proper time to use it

    • So when a guy uses it (post it on social media) does that mean something aggressive?

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    • No. I haven't talked to him but he has been venting on twitter last time he was mad at me so I assumed that it must have to do with the comments. But what i couldnt figure out was the "No jodas" is it a positive reaction towards the love song that i posted or is it a negative reaction towards the friend that commented about the song.

    • In all honesty it actually sounds like he may have been upset again and just venting at your friend that commented on your song

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