Should I put together a dream board like our church is telling us to?

At our church - they asked us to create a dream board where we project what we want our lives to look like in the future. There are a couple of issues that I have with that which is that

1. I don't know how big the dream board is supposed to be cause I wasn't paying attention while she was talking
2. I don't want to ruin my magazines by cutting them up
3. I don't want people to know my dreams. I prefer to keep them a secret.

Should I do the dream board or should I skip church this week?


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  • What you could do is look up some bad news from the world, and post the solution of that problem on the dream board. Like "I dream of a gigantic house built by angels to accomodate all the refugees from Syria and provide them food and shelter".
    No secrets, and a very genuine dream :D

  • I'd skip church for a week.


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  • I'd skip it