Do you ever fantasize of doing something that you know will never happen?

I dream of creating a PG or mild PG-13 sci-fi film series like "Star Wars", combining my fascinations with space, the earth and even animals to come up with my own extraterrestrial beings & creatures and planets with different characteristics (like landscape and weather conditions). I drew sci-fi stuff all the time when I was little and tried coming up with my own sci-fi stories; but I always sucked at drawing and never even thought of a title for one story. My main interest is animals, so what I nonetheless want to do most with my life is help conserve threatened animal species, which is what I'm in college for. It'd still be cool if I did have the creativity. I even fantasize about what I would've done differently with other movies that I've seen.

What do you fantasize about, if anything?

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  • all the time, I have a very active imagination


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  • Yeah, I do something


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  • I fantasize about being the Thirteenth doctor on Doctor Who.

    • Ah, fantasies. But you're more awesome as your own person than you would be as a fictional character.

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