Why do people on here want a cookie or something for never going anon when everyone is anon on here? Will the ones who proclaim this ever?

Upload a short video of themselves on here? You might have a proflie name, photo, age but that doesn't mean you're really that person in the picture (Sandplanet Sandaslip, whatever should've taught you all that ) I laugh at the fools on here that cry about someone going anon when there's no real proof that they're really that person in the profile picture. Sure a person can put up a photo with your profile picture, but pictures can be photoshopped. To me everyone's anon on here unless proven otherwise. I could careless who posts a question or take, because I believe its more about the question or take, and less about who's asking. All this time I've been here and people cry about questions instead of just skipping over them. I refuse to be a lame and cry over things like I can't control like the questions that people post. If it bothered me that bad as it does some of these whiners I would've been left here.

I guess I've silenced those who whine about people going anon lol.


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  • I just dont go on anon because im a lazy bitch


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  • I agree. I'm 99% of time anon here. I don't troll or insult anyone. I just don't like getting any kind of attention. I don't get why people have problem with anon people.

    • I actually like that about certain anons. :)

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    • Hahaha. Fortunately I was never blasted by anyone.

    • Yea some people are silly as hell on here lol.

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  • Wait I can get a cookie for not being anon!!!

    • But seriously

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  • I'll have the chocolate chip cookie, thanks.