Should even the next generation of anchor babies be deported in the US?

Thankfully my great great grandparents came to America and was thinking that the parents of anchor babies should get out of the US. What are your thoughts?

  • Only anchor babies
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  • The older generation/last generation should be deported
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  • The next two generations from the past no matter what
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  • Should only native Americans be the only one to stay? I guess
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  • No one should be deported. Even if there was a plan to deport all illegals. The government would eventually discriminate against Mexican American citizens. Something like Japanese internment camps during ww2

    • So America should have killed off all the Mexicans?

    • What? I'm not sure how you got that from what I wrote

    • Keep this up and you will get most helpful before another person answers. You want that? This is no empty threat!

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  • Well, in my opinion the whole idea of a person becoming an American citizen simply because he/she is born on American soil seems rather strange to me. I am not American, so I can only say how it works in my country. In my country Switzerland, you can apply for a Swiss citizenship at the earliest after 12 years of permanent residency (plus there are more rules such as you have to have lived in the same city or village for at least 3-5 years). If you are married to a Swiss wife or husband, you can apply for citizenship at the earliest after 5 years. As for children of foreign parents, they usually get a visa comparable to an American green card and are then permitted to apply for citizenship once they turn 18. If one parent is a foreigner and the other one is Swiss, the children are automatically Swiss and, as for myself, in most cases double-citizens.

    I think for America it would also make sense to make people (including children and teenagers) live in the country for at least 8-10 years until they can apply for American citizenship. I mean, what's the point of giving an American passport to a Chinese baby whose mother came to America exclusively for her birth and plans on moving back to China with her child?

    So in summary, I'm generally against the whole concept of anchor babies. I believe that if a foreigner wants to live in America, he/she should be let to live there without being discriminated. But if they want to have all the rights of an American national, they should make an effort at learning the language and understanding the culture, which in most cases, takes several years.

    • I assume you're being sarcastic. I don't see any reason to react this way.

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  • they should just not allow pregnant women to enter the country.

    • just put them back on the plane and say you can't come into the country.

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    • I like weird so shoot me or deport me,

    • :)

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