What Is Wrong With Me?

Okay, so I am 16 and lately I've been forgetting where I put my stuffs. People tend to say that you won't ever forget about the things you treasure the most, welp. I forgot where I last put my limited edition CD album which I almost died buying it (Last seen 2-3months ago and now still searching in my house lol). And the same thing happened to me earlier today.. Mom bought me a bracelet and I wore it right after she gave me. And somehow I had to take it off because I was doing house chores and later I was searching for them like for an hour. The point is, why am I so forgetful lately? Is there something wrong with me?


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  • It happens - especially during the Summer, when it's hot.
    Maybe, if you're really worried, go see your doctor.

    • In my plac, it's summer all year lol. But since my Dad is a doc I might as well ask him about my problem after all.. thanks!

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    • Thank you. =)
      Hopefully you're doing better.

    • Going to list the places I keep stuff from now on xD

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  • Lay off the marijuana.

    • Lol I don't even know what marijuana really is?

    • It's a plant people smoke, it's good but it can effect short term memory.

    • Well I suggest you to give that advice to others, cuz I am an not smoking plants?

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