Is it possible for a guy to get a date if he doesn't approach tons of woman?

It feels like a guy has to play the numbers game to just get a date that she'll probably force him to pay for. I'd rather not have to ask out 50 girls just to get one date. I can't see a guy ever getting a date if he doesn't ask anyone out. That seems like winning the lottery type of odds.


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  • Take it from me that if he doesn't, it probably won't happen.

    Even average girls get asked out pretty constantly by guys, but if you're a 5 or sub-5 male you might as well not even be human.

  • That's the way of it, yes.

    If you want a girl, you have to approach a lot of them. No way around that. So, learn to love it. Think of it this way... if you develop the skills to meet someone anywhere at any time, that will be useful to you not only in romance, but professionally as well.

    And if things go south with a girl, you know you can rely on yourself to find another, without having to hope someone will introduce you to one of their cast away friends.

    • yes women wait around and take whoever approaches them. Men actively go out and choose who they want. That's the benefit of being a guy.

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    • Quit your whining. It's unattractive. Maybe acting like a man will make women attracted to you.

      And girls have it harder dating than you'd imagine. Spend some time learning about their struggles. It will make you a more sympathetic human, AND it will increase your success with them.

    • No need to be sexist.

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