Why do Americans Always change the Pronunciation of "A" to either "O" or "E", do you do it knowingly?

I don't mean this antagonistically but whenever I listen to americans, they don't usually say the "a" ah sound. Usually it's changed to one of the two, E or O.

For example They say "Manga" as "Monga"
A for example like Anny is said as Enny, Alice as Elice, Aroma as Eroma etc

Do you do it knowingly?


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  • It's just their accent. Here in my country it happens much more often with the portuguese language. We change in most situations "O" for "U", "E" for "I", "ÃO" for "AUM", stuff like that. It's just different ways to speak the same language.

  • well the united states is a big place. this is like asking why people in the uk talk differently than people in Greece.