How to stop looking like a bitch al the time?

so i have been kinda bummed out lately because i feel like i dont get male attention, and i mean non at all. I have made guy friends and i have met a lot of guys, but non of those guys showed any interest in me at all, so i started questioneing my attractiveness etc.. I mean before i moved here i got a lot of attention, so it was quite the difference when i moved.

Anyway, i was working out and at one point i was doing some arm curls so i stood infront of a mirror, and it was then i noticed how annoyed i look. I wast annoyed at all... I have a resting bitch face, no wonder no guys approache or smile to me when i look pissted off half the time.

When im tired or feel bad , or just consetrating about something then i looked annoyed it seems like. I need advice on how to stop doing it.. so any advice?


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  • d00d just smile more often.

    • but i dont really have any reason to smile + i m not the biggest fan of my smile

    • it can't be that bad, and sometimes you don't need a reason, smiling once in a while is just nice :)

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  • ROFL... err uhmm.."for research purposes"... let's see this bitch resting face?

  • I don't really think you can stop your face from doing that.


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