Whats the best earphone?

Whats the best earphone
skullcandy beats or some else


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  • I've gone through about 15 kinds of earphones (IEMs) and I've done research about them a lot.
    I'm usually looking in the $30-$60 range though.

    Soundmagic E10 - These lasted the longest, actually they still work since May 2014, I just bought new ones because I thought the E10's were gonna break soon.

    Ostry KC06A - These were the ones I bought to replace the E10's, cause they have a similar sound signature, but they just sound better in my opinion. Worth the money in my opinion.
    There are also the KC06, which are tuned slightly different. I think KC06A is more v-shaped sound signature (common for pop and EDM and rock... lots of bass, lots of high end, mids are less emphasized). The KC06 is more balanced (I've never heard them though).

    So those are the best I've used.

  • JLabs are fan fucking tastic.

    • What about skullcandy

    • skull candies are a big fat joke. mine fucking broke within 2 weeks of normal gym use and running. I was so pissed I fucking destroyed the fuck out of them then hung them on a street post. my current JLabs are going through a ton of heat/sweat/grind and they're still pulling strong as fuck for a long time.

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