What do you think of black groups calling for race war? And why doesn't the media report on black racial hatred?





So, I'm curious. Why do you think the media isn't putting any focus on black groups calling for murder of whites, or on black on white murder?

Loner Dylan Roof murdered nine people. Yes, that's bad. Then not only did the media focus on him, as expected... he had the confederate flag in a picture on facebook or whatever. Therefore, because of one man, the media went on a tour-de-focus on removing the confederate flag from everywhere, etc.

Now, in the last week or two, a white deputy was flat out murdered by a black man at a gas station in Houston. (the black man walked up and literally unloaded a handgun into the white deputy out of the blue.) A black gay man left a hate-filled declaration and then murdered two whites on live TV.

What are we hearing from the media about black groups calling for the murder of whites?


Some 90 year old rich guy named Sterling made comments to his mistress about blacks in a private conversation... it was front page news for weeks.

Black groups calling for the murder of whites? Nothing.

Three black on white hate-crime murders in the last two weeks? Crickets.

Anyone else getting tired of this double standard? White lives matter!

Put another way, an old rich white/jewish guy making anti-black comments in a private conversation gathered more media focus than a black guy murdering two whites on live TV for declared racial hate reasons.

That seem about right?


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  • "White lives matter!" That sounds SO stupid. White lives have ALWAYS mattered in this country. White lives have always been the primary concern above any minority: Black, Native American, or Mexican in America. The lives of minorities in this country have ALWAYS been disposable and considered to not matter. THAT is why people chant "Black lives matter." Native Americans will probably be chanting "Native American Lives matter" any day now. I bet you don't even realize what horrible conditions most of them live in today due to white colonialism.

    Anyhow, this whole 'race war' thing sounds so damn idiotic and ridiculous. Whether it's black people or white people trying to start a race war: IT'S STUPID. This is 2015. America is one of the most successful nations on the face of this planet. We have the most freedom yet this is what people do with it? That's probably the type of ish ISIS members show to their recruits to tell them why they should hate "ungrateful America". Smdh. We're all just people trying to get by and make it in this chaotic world. No need for any black or white groups to shit all over dead and maimed soldiers for their pathetic, pointless, disgusting "race war"


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  • This is a serious problem. While I do think the charleston shooting and the killing of the two news reporters are both wrong that isn't the real problem. The problem starts with questions like this and the black lives matter movement. You ask this question and really you are only asking for attention to be drawn to the killings of 'your race' the same goes for the 'black lives matter' (blm) movement. While attention is being drawn to these, Asian/Hispanic lives get ignored then shit happens and the focus shifts and the process starts over and in the end people just don't care about the other 'races' lives.

    Here's something to think about. We (you and I) both agree that both killings were wrong. I agree that the news ignored the deputy and reporter killings. I'm assuming that you think the media misrepresents blacks sometimes too it doesn't matter who gets misrepresented more; the fact is no one should be misrepresented at all. So the real problems, are 1. the racist people who think lives don't matter, so they can just walk into churches shoot innoccent people or kill innocent news reporters, 2. The media which is misrepresenting people and finally a government that is doing nothing about this situation. We have to learn to go beyond this racial thinking.

    Also just a small thought about the media. What would the impression be if in both of the incidents the Charleston shooting and the killing of the two reporters, the news report read "innocent reporters/innocent churchgoers killed by racist" rather than black guy kills two reporters or white man kills nine black people in a church. The anger of the masses would be directed on the real problem; racists, and it would increase people's intolerance for racist beliefs and inclinations.


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  • No, you're just easily persuaded. And delusional.

    • Lol, agreed.

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    • Vids or it didn't happen. And also, when officers become stalled and killed in masses, then you'd have a point. Atm you've got people simply talking shit. So yeah, I'd say you're still very delusional

    • Farrakhan calling for "10,000, who know that death is sweeter than living under tyranny." 2:40 clip of sermon where he specifically calls for stalking and killing if the government doesn't act. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ3qOQmct3Y

      Rally at DC this month, attended by ten thousand or so, that was Farrakhan's pet project.

      Also, according to FBI crime stats for 2012-2013, the 13% black population of the USA murdered 840 whites... and the 63% white population murdered 382 blacks.

      If anything, white civil rights group should be rallying that "whites are being murdered in the streets by blacks."

  • The media only cares about sensationalism and what gets the most clicks and comments. There have been plenty of white people killed by cops that don't make the news as well, for example. The slant is what sells papers, or, in the digital age, advertising on the newspaper website.


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  • Some random thoughts that come to mind. Not looking for votes here, just putting some ideas out there.

    Killing in defense of yourself or another person, that is justified.

    Re: underreporting of black-on-white crimes these days: There may be a fear of inspiring copycat shooters. While the media doesn't care about that when it's black on black crime, or white on ANY RACE crime, they seem to primarily fear black on white crime.

    Re: blacks calling for killing of whites: Farrakhan is untouchable due to his history. He was the hero they needed at the time, but his experience has also made him racist against all whites, especially Jews. Farrakhan is a respected figure in black america due to how militant blacks became in defense of their civil rights leaders. I would say this militant behavior was very necessary then. When the media keeps calling for double standards in support of policies that encourage a belief in white supremacy and diminutize black accomplishments, White america should expect an increase in militant popularity. Hate crimes against blacks continue today, so black militant behavior is still necessary today. To what extent, I cannot personally say for certain.

    Re: black groups calling for the murder of whites: Blacks calling for the murder of whites sounds like when white supremacist groups call for the killing of blacks. To give airtime to bloodthirsty blacks also demands that attention be given to bloodthirsty whites, which would shine too great a light on the people who keep donating to the media's primary source of income in today's world - old white people.

    Re: black youths ambushing and murdering white cops in cold blood: I am not in favor of hunting cops, but I am certainly in favor of hunting and executing cops who get away with killing unarmed people of any race in an oppressive situation. Those black men who ambushed and murdered white cops might be simply blooded killers. But what one copkiller learned that the cop he killed was the one who shot his little brother during a swat raid at the wrong house?

    Re: 90 year old making racist comments. Media seems to care more about the appearance of racism rather than racism itself.

    Re: Texas cops being killed in cold blood by blacks: At a national level, it isn't really unexpected. Institutional racism within Texan authority that causes the murder-by-cop of so many blacks, that behavior won't go unanswered. In a race-war sense, it is quite justified. But was that cop a bad cop?

  • Well, I think all live so after and every time someone acts racist the media should be up their ass lol. But honestly, chill out, there is not going to be a race war so lock your guns away ok? I would also like to say the media doesn't cover that stuff because they want to report on things that are really controversial as they take in the ratings.

  • Political correctness is what started this.

  • Listen sucka. I’m blacker than the ace of spades and more militant than you and your whole damned army put together. And while you’re out there chanting at rallies and brow beating politicians, I’m taking out any money frontin’ sucker on a humble that gets in my way, so I'll tell you what. When your so-called Revolution starts, you call me and I'll be right down in front showing you how it's done. But until then, you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP when grown folks is talkin!

  • Must... not... feed.

    • Explain it to me so I can understand.

      A. A white guy kills black people in a hate crime. Front page news. Media focus for weeks. State legislatures removing confederate flags and companies refusing to sell such flags. (while still selling nazi and ussr flags, bizarrely.)
      B. In the space of two weeks, a black guy murders a white deputy in a hate crime, and a black guy murders two whites on live tv for declared hate crime reasons. News coverage when it happened, then it became old news the next day.

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