How are me fellow lonely people doing?

It definitley sucks being alone and I know many of you have your reasons. It could be mental, physical, unattractiveness, anxiety, social akwardness etc. But just remember we are not the only ones. There are a lot of people out there like us guys and girls. Some have it worst than others but at least we are still here. Even if you only have friends online but if you get disconnected lol its best to make friends like us as well. There is usually a lot of lonely people like us out there don't forget about that.


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  • yep yep, together alone!!! ❤

    • Lol its good to at least laugh huh

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  • Haha forever alone squad!!!
    Lets go!!!

    • Lol its good to at least laugh huh

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    • thanks bro!
      i hope your lonelyness goes away too, and you find more friends and a gf!

    • likewise!

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  • YEAH! Can I get an invite to the lonely squad too? :D

    • Haha. As long as we DON'T become the "suicide squad" literal. lol

    • LOL OMG that's such a dark joke xD

    • No seriously though, because I hear people killing themselves because of loneliness and its sad that that has to happen. If they only met at least one person that could probably avoided that then it coud of been different.

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