How do these images make you feel? Do you understand the meaning of them together?

Let's get started: How do these images make you feel?
How do these images make you feel? Do you understand the meaning of them together?


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    did she take him apart? no...
    maybe she was won over with money? not really...
    ugh :c


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  • Ahh yes, the story of the rabid robot. I know it well.

    It was a fine Sunday afternoon when Jenny (the girl) and Stephen (the robot) were on the internet after playing a fascinating game of chess.
    "Wow, your xper account is so high!" Jenny exclaimed, staring at his GAG status.
    "I never have to sleep, so I can GAG all night long," said Stephen with his cool, chill, platonic synthesized voice. "I'll even have enough for an amazon giftcard soon!"

    The good times seemed like they would never end, but trouble always finds it way in paradise.

    It was a stormy and pitch black night as Jenny was intrigued by GAG and went to Stephen's computer. Stephen clicked 'auto login' on his account, so Jenny simply open GAG and started exploring the wonders of it all. Confused by the rules still, she actually went to the FAQ to read it.
    There she read, "Reedeem xper? Wow free stuff!" She clicked.

    Realizing she was still 5 points away from an amazon giftcard she decided to go with a lesser option-- a GAG t-shirt. "What a great deal this! I can get 7 t shirts and they are all such a great value!" She sent the message. The deed was done.

    Stephen came back to GAG the next morning (he had been busy chillin with Will Smith all night long) only to realize what had happened.
    Something broke in Stephen that day. Some may argue that it was his soul, his gears around where his heart would be, or maybe it was just his dignity. His eyes turned red, his skin metallic black, and his murderous intent grew bold and unfaltered.

    He rushed to the bank in hopes the giftcard was somehow deposited to his account, while Jenny realized what she had done. Fearing for her life, she took the nearest tools from the shed. "I'll dismantle him while he isn't looking! Yeah!"
    Stephen came back, realizing Jenny was the culprit. Heartbroken but still angry, he decided to check his notifications one last time. Jenny was about to dismantle him with his head turned, but Stephen first saw the fateful question that would forever end his life: "Lol lik, wut iz a good peenis sidze? Minne iz 13 inches. Iz dat 2 small?"

    Faced with the most stupidity he had ever seen, he turned around. There, with Jenny standing, he took the tool from her hand and bashed his own head in. He had lost his faith in humanity. He didn't want to live on the planet anymore.

    RIP Stephen, you may have died there from rabies and exposure to the dicks of humanity, but you'll live in all our hearts.

    ... And that's the story of these pictures.