I had a dream 3 years ago. But this image is still left with me. Is this someone or something to do with my future?

Okay. So I had this dream. It was sexual but that's the weirdest part. I'm a virgin and therefore don't understand what sex feels like. This dream was the most realistic dream I've ever had. I was in a hotel room I'm guessing. It was in like a black and white colour because it was dark. He had like black hair. Like short. Kinda like across the front of his face. Shorter than an emo fringe. But it was an emo fringe. He had a brow piercing. A tattoo on his arm. He was towering me. On top of me. When I told my friend about this dream thing for added onto it which didn't happen in the dream. Like a vision maybe? Anyway yeah thigh kissing. Then actual kissing. Then sex but. I remember when he put it in. I shot up and put my arms around his kneck and his said " it's okay, you'll be fine" like I was in pain? Anyway I grabbed the back of his hair and played with it. This was added on but the fact it's stayed with me the same way I dreamt it ages ago is really weird as I'm not the type of person to remember dreams a lot.


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  • Well it certainly happens that people have dreams which then come true. So that dream may indeed be an insight into your future.

    And eventually you'll know for sure. :)


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